Curtis Mayfield – Sweet Exorcist ’74

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inkl. der Singles: „Sweet Exorcist“, „Kung Fu“
und „Suffer“ (gemeinsam mit Donny Hathaway geschrieben)

Curtis Mayfield
Album: Sweet Exorcist
Release Date: 1974
Label: Curtom #CRS 8601

1 Ain't Got Time 		5:10 (Curtis Mayfield)
2 Sweet Exorcist 		3:50 (Curtis Mayfield)
3 To Be Invisible 		4:12 (Curtis Mayfield)
4 Power To The People 		3:26 (Curtis Mayfield)
5 Kung Fu 			6:02 (Curtis Mayfield)
6 Suffer 			4:06 (Mayfield, Donny Hathaway)
7 Make Me Believe In You 	5:32 (Curtis Mayfield)

Produced by Curtis Mayfield

Roger Anfinsen 		Engineer
Gil Askey 		Arranger #4,5,6
John Janus		Engineer
Bill Ronalds 		Illustrations
Milton Sincoff 		Package Direction
Marv Stuart		Management
Rich Tufu 		Arranger #1,2,3,7

Recorded at Curtom Studios, Chicago, Illinois
#1,2,4 published by Curtom Publishing Co.
#3,5,6,7 published by Camad Music Co. (BMI)
Distributed By Buddah Records, Inc.— A Subsidiary of Viewlex, Inc.
(c) 1974 Buddah Records, Inc.
(p) 1974 by Curtom Records, Inc.

Chart (Billboard)
1974	Sweet Exorcist	 Black Albums	 2
1974	Sweet Exorcist	 Pop Albums	39

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