Blackbyrds – The Blackbyrds ’74

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Debüt Album von The Blackbyrds
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Liner Notes von Roberta Flack:

I heard through the grapevine the other day that my good friend Donny Hathaway had written a tune that describes his Howard University music student days. Things have changed.
I never thought the day would come when graduates or students of Howard University’s Music Department would be allowed to create this kind of beauty and associate the university’s name with it. Things have really changed. People and attitudes have changed. Perhaps the most singularly beautiful thing about The Blackbyrds is that it provides some very talented students with the opportunity to be heard by a lot of people, to perform and earn money while learning the basics of the recording / performing / entertainment business.

(I suspect that very soon several members of the band will take off and find individual direction on their own, and that’s as it should be.)

The level of musicianship on this album is very high and tasty. In this day and age young musicians are often forced to sacrifice quality for less important elements – particularly black musicians. We are constantly told that success is determined by the number of records sold and many times the quality of music recorded smells so strongly of studio gimmicks and tricks that all semblance of art and cultural heritage and purity is erased. Happily, this is not true of The Blackbyrds. Everything is there. All the good stuff is intact.

Rhythm groove, tonal exploration and a special in-person performance sound to the tracks make the album easy and good to listen to, move to, or dance to.

Touch the pulse and re-act
If you feel the need to…
Sing a free song…

Roberta Flack


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