Toney Lee – Teaser ’86

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Debüt Album von Toney Lee (und einziges Album), inkl. der Singles „Reach Up“ und „Love so deep“
Die Gruppe „Phats & Small“ hat 1999 einige Vocals von „Reach Up“ verwendet für den Hit „Turn Around“

Songtext „Reach Up“

Reach Up

written: Eric Matthew, Toney Lee

Hey what’s wrong with you
You’re looking kind of down to me
Hurting inside
Cos things ain’t getting over
(You walk around like life has got you down)
You got to turn around
(Don’t you know that everyones a star)
It’s not very far to reach up
Listen to what I say
(Reach up)
Do it every day
(Reach up)
Sweet love is shining bright
(Reach up)
It’s gonna be alright
Hey (reach up)
(Reach up)
(Reach up)
(Reach up)

Up to the sky
Got to find a reason, got to find a reason (reach)
Out with your love
Give it all you’ve got, give it all you’ve got
(It ain’t easy, try to get things right)
So keep up the fight
(More good times will surely come around)
Don’t let yourself down (reach up)
Ooh, listen, yeah
(Reach up) Do it, do it, do it every day, whoa
(Reach up) Sweet love is shining, shining
(Reach up) It’s gonna be, gonna be alright
(Reach up)
(Reach up)
(Reach up) ooh-ooh, woo-oo-woo
(Reach up) Gonna be alright,
Gonna be alright, Gonna be alright, yah, yah, hu,

Reach Up Toney Lee


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