Three Degrees – Maybe ’70

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Debüt Album von The Three Degrees
inkl. der Songs „Maybe“, „You’re The One“ und „McArthur Park“

Album Liner Notes:

There is a taut cord in everyone of us that sets to vibrating whenever we are touched emotionally. Please accept this as The Herskovitz Theory of the True Test of a Hit Record. To check the validity of the theory tune your ears to the Three Degrees. It won’t take more than a listen to send that slick string within you zinging. That’s how it hit me when I first heard their recording of „Maybe“ a while back.

Their voices have the unique quality of stripping the unnecessary fluff and floss and getting to the very essence of the matter. It is to this that people respond, and that cord starts to vibrate, even in puritan, yankee Rhode Island where we first exposed the record. There was no denying the reaction! There was no denying the response! „Hit“ all the way!

What’s the source of this consummate skill?
Fayette Pinkney and Sheila Ferguson from Philadelphla; Valerie Holiday from Boston. They came together under the tutelage of Richie Barrett – songwriter, producer, former singer, all-around jack of all show business trades. He is their personal manager and acts as conductor for their shows. Under his guidance they adhere to a strict rehearsal schedule and regimen of constant work towards improvement.
Happily it is obvious that Valerie, Sheila and Fayette are three young ladies with poise and charm and talent. But it is effort, energy, skill, and dedication that go into the blend resulting in warm acceptance by audiences of all ages and musical tastes.

Now is the moment for you to test the theory.
Feel what happens to your taut cord when you listen to the Three Degrees.

Liner Notes by Al Herskovitz
RC – AM/FM | Providence, Rhode Island

Three Degrees - Maybe Cover back LP
Cover back LP
Three Degrees - Maybe Cover front Bellaphon
Cover front Bellaphon
Three Degrees - Maybe Cover back Bellaphon
Cover back Bellaphon


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