Persuaders – The Persuaders ’73

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zweites Album produziert von Bobby Poindexter
inkl. der Singles:
„Peace in the Valley of Love“ und „Bad, Bold and Beautiful, Girl“

Album Liner Notes von Yvonne Taylor:

John Tobias, William Holland, Douglas Scott, and Thomas Lee Hill – The Persuader – with their talent and feel for music, can and do make your believe that in teh Valley of Love there will be peace. There have been many groups to emerge in the music business, but these young men stormed in, and have etched their sound, style and soulfulness into the minds of all who are fortunate enough to be within listening range.
This album will tatally envelop you with sweet sounds of love – sharp sounds of pain and the serious sounds of the message they are conveying.
So open your minds and your hearts and before you know it, you will habe arrived Peacefully into the Valley of Love.

A Persuaded Listener

Black Market Editor / Bob Hamilton Report


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