Freddie Rodriguez – La Versatilidad ’67

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Album Back Cover Text:

Freddie Rodriguez is a happy product of both Latin and American culture.
He is one of those talented people who was born in Puerto Rico and spent the first 12 years of his life there, then, with his family, he came to New York to enjoy continued growth, education and maturity.
Freddie attended both public and high school in the Bronx, and as a teenager, won a city wide contest for amateur bands presented in a local theatre talent show.
Freddie, who seemed to have the capacity for winning contests, chalked up another win; this one with a trio in a radio contest on a local New York station.

Continuing his musical studies, Freddie Rodriguez played guitar professionally with some of the best Latin bands in the country, including that of Xavier Cugat.
In addition, he devoted much of his time to writing and arranging music, and compiled a catalogue of over 200 tunes. Many of these were recorded by other well known vocalists and bands.

About 1964. Freddie decided to form his own band, and with the help of his friend, Dan Duffy, a fine musician, teacher and writer, the Freddie Rodriguez band came into being.

This album, „La Versatilidad de Freddie Rodriguez“ („The Versatility of Freddie Rodriguez“) is the happy result of his first album for United Artists Records.
It is strongly felt that this album will further establish Freddie Rodriguez as a most capable bandleader and musician, and at the same time, serve as an inspiration for talented youngsters everywhere.

DICK „Ricardo“ SUGAR
Popular Latin American Disc Jockey for the Past 20 Years on New York Radio.


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