Ernie Watts Encounter – The Wonder Bag ’70

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Der Saxophonist Ernie Watts spielt Songs von Stevie Wonder, der auch die Liner Notes geschrieben hat:

Music is my life, my love, the very air I must breathe. Without it I would — well, what would any man do if he could not breathe?
Even though music is the driving force that always, somehow, keeps me going, I have, only on a few occasions, had the writers dream. Every writer has that dream. It’s the way he hears it and feels it and hopes the artist will create a living emotion, tangible yet intangible, a switch to ignite the soul. Ernie Watts has given me not the writers dream on any particular song but an album full of it. Since I am the writer I am apt to be the most critical of my own material; therefore, I can say with honesty that Ernie has created for me my dream come true. Every arrangement gives a unique flavor which Mr. Watts teases with and finally over-powers the listener into his own self-explanatory world. I had expected him to bring forth that certain something but instead Ernie Watts has found the magic key, opened the door and stole the very depth of soul. „Thanks man for finding and bringing out the emotions of my music.“

Stevie Wonder


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