Earl Grant – Earl Grant ’70

Musik-Alben funkygog


Album Liner Notes

The Sparkling eyes, the ready grin, and the talent so big it spilled out of him in his piano, his organ, and his singing.
This is what he was into in those last few weeks before the tragic accident that claimed his life. He was moving in a new and exciting directions.

The old Earl Grant magic was there, of course. That was always part of him. But he was digging deeper into the contemporary bag for songs to happen to. He was doing more and more singing in his pleasant, easy-to-love voice. And he was getting greater and greater with every new thing he probed. His singing, for example. Half of the songs on this album are vocals by Earl, and his style has never been better displayed. Listen, for example, to the charming salute to Nat ‚King‘ Cole that Earl worked into his vocal on „Looking Back“. And follow his sensitive rendition of „My Cherie Amour“, the Gospel feel on „Oh Happy Day“ and the strident „A Brand New Me“.

Bill Holman and Don Peake, brilliant West Coast arrangers, wrote the charts for Earl to romp in during these last sessions. It was Earl’s delight to include the two reggaes because he knew they were brand new, were happening in England, and he would be the first with something fresh. The Calypso-like songs indicate that Earl was onto something bright again.

Earl enjoyed these sessions hugely. In his performances you’ll hear good-natured salutes to some of the giants of popular music…and you’ll hear some of Earl’s musical comments, too.

But most of all, you’ll hear Earl Grant…singing, playing organ, playing piano, and bringing it all home with a big, rocking band behind him.

This was EARL GRANT.

These sides were recorded by Earl Grant a few days before his tragic death. He considered them the best work he had ever done.
And through this album, and all the other recorded music Earl Grant has left us, his magnificent talent will live on.


    *=erforderliche Angaben