Andy Williams – Andy Williams‘ Dear Heart ’65

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inkl. der Single: „Almost There“

Album Liner Notes

„Relaxed, gentle, humorous…“

A good singer and a popular singer are not necessarily one and the same. Record industry charts are filled with overnight sensations—ephemeral performers who touch, momentarily, a sensitive part of the public psycho.

But a popular singer who stays at the top, soaring far above the currents of changing fashion, requires more than a „new sound.“ Individuality, musical skill and, most important, an ability to select and interpret good material, are of major importance. Few people who watch television, listen to the radio, or buy records would deny that Andy Williams is the epitome of such a performer.

Relaxed, gentle, humorous—the adjectives to describe his music come easily, Andy’s delightful version of the new Henry Mancini hit, Dear Heart, highlights one view of the velvety Williams sound. There aro others: from Who Can I Turn To and It Had to Be You to I’m All Smiles and You’re Nobody ‚Til Somebody Loves You—the enormous range of Andy’s inter-pretations is fully displayed.

The proof, of course, is in the pudding. The fact that nearly everyone else likes Andy Williams‘ singing is no reason for you to like it. No reason, that is, until you listen and discover that everyone else is right.
Don Heckman

Info: In UK erschienen unter dem Albumtitel: „Andy Williams‘ Almost There“


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