100% Pure Poison – Coming Right at you ’74

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Debut Album und einziges Album von 100% Pure Poison
inkl. „Windy C“, „Coming Right at You“ und „Boarding Pass“

100% Pure Poison
Album: 	Coming Right at You
Release: 1974
Label: 	EMI Records #INS 3001

 1 You Keep Coming Back				3:18 (Onnie McIntyre)
 2 No More City, No More Country		6:49 (Marvin Daniels)
 3 Boarding Pass				3:40 (Danny Leake)
 4 Holes In My Shoes				3:35 (Danny Leake, Pie Harrison)
 5 My Little Someone				4:21 (Marvin Daniels)
 6 Windy C					5:26 (Danny Leake)
 7 (Bet You Say) You Want To Make It With Me	4:25 (Danny Leake)
 8 Don't Let Your Pride, Overpower Your Love	4:31 (Danny Leake, Parrish)
 9 (And When I Said) I Love You			5:14 (Rick Hartung)
10 Puppet On A Chain				3:49 (Billy Durham, Carl Davis, D. Leake)


Jackie Beard		Saxophon, Vocals
Slide Beard		Trombone, Vocals
Marvin Daniels		Trumpet, Vocals
Pie Harrison		Vocals, Percussion
John Jackson		Percussion
Danny Leake		Guitar, Producer
Steve Maxwell		Organ
Lawrence Reynolds	Bass
James Williams		Keyboards, Guitar

Produced by Danny Leake & Rick Hartung

Cover Photography – Bill Richmond
Sleeve Concept and Design – Peter Shepherd

(P) 1974 L & H Productions
Printed by Garrod & Lofthouse
Made and printed in Great Britain


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