Ginger Baker & Boom Town Percussion (live ’95)

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Ginger Baker & Boom Town Percussion
[Edit 28.10.07] Evtl. heisst es:
Ginger Baker & M’Boom (Percussion Orchestra)
Ginger Baker & the M’Boom Re: Percussion Ensemble

Live-Mitschnitt auf DVD oder CD
Arena Verona, Juni 1995

Gesuch von Johannes Pollchristoph

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    Ginger Baker Websites u.a.:

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    Infos zum Konzert:

    • Infos von George Ferencz (Director):
      The Coliseum in Verona, Italy, with Ginger Baker, Tony Williams and M’Boom (percussion orchestra)
      presented by the Verona Jazz Festival, June 26, 1995
    • Organissimo-Forum mit kurzer Rezension zum Konzert [ab Eintrag #14]
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    Infos zu M’Boom:

    • im Review-Bereich

      By the way, M’Boom is a large group of fine musicians organized by Max Roach, it isn’t Max on his own.

    • Wikipedia-Eintrag Max Roach:

      During the 1970s, Roach formed a unique musical organization „M’Boom“ percussion orchestra. Each member of this unit composed for it and performed on many percussion instruments. Personnel included Fred King, Joe Chambers, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits, Roy Brooks, Omar Clay, Ray Mantilla, Francisco Mora, and Eli Fountain.

    • Von Max Roach und M’Boom gibt es auch ein Foto vom Verona Jazz Festival
    • Zildjian-Auszug:

      A point driven home in 1995 when I accompanied Max, Tony Williams, Ginger Baker and the M’Boom Re: Percussion Ensemble to Verona in Northern Italy for a memorable concert in the Coliseum. The sense of connection between fathers and sons, the sense of camaraderie between Max and his spiritual…

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